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Academics: Section Title

Academic Excellence

Focus on building Strong Foundation of Knowledge in any individual. Thus we have defined structured modular tutorial programs to help create a Continuous Learning process for the students & help gain deep understanding of every subject. 

Individual Attention

Focus on growth of every student, with special classes, student and parent counselling etc

Academics: Services

Modern Technology 

Smart Classes, Computer Lab, e-Library, Video and Audio Conference Facility


Extra Curricular Activities

Education demands physical, intellectual and emotional development. Various clubs like Quiz Club, Debate Club, Science Club, Nature Club etc to promote students talents. The school organizes intra and inter school competitions like quizzing, elocution, creative writing, drawing and painting, singing, dancing etc

Gym Equipment

Physical Education

Committed to offer students a chance to learn and excel in a wide variety of sporting related activities through qualified physical education teachers & several talented sports persons from the local area


Community Service

Strongly believe in giving back to the society. Hosts educational and health camps in and around the school

Safety & Security

Above all, safety and security of students is utmost priority of EFA

Security Camera

Values & Beliefs 

All nationalities, cultures, religions and lifestyles are valued equally as individuals.

E.F.A. recognises and respects the dignity of each individual regardless of age, culture, religion, colour, ethnicity, race, national origin, gender,  language, disability, economic status, creed, handicap, or any other factor.

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