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Online Classes

At E.F.A (Education For All), we are trying our best to ensure that the education of our children is not impacted due to the lockdown. Our team has been working tirelessly to digitize the delivery of education and create facilities which can enable continuous learning safely from within the respective homes of students as well as teachers. We are thus transforming how teachers and students learn, work and innovate together via secure and education-friendly tools. All this was only possible with support of parents/guardians of our students.

A few highlights:

- Virtual Classrooms o Launched tools that can enable teaching, learning and working with remote video capabilities to support virtual classrooms and meetings sitting at home o Enhanced aids that can help students and teachers organize assignments, boost collaboration, and foster better communication online o Set up a school-wide secure email system with every student having their own profile for internal communications o Provided the ability to store and organize assignments, documents, or class curricula in a secure cloud and access them from any device/location via their profile o Built tools to conduct online Exams, Quizzes, and surveys that can collect and analyze responses o Launched an online result management portal to access evaluations

- Social Media for our fraternity o Launched social media tools to be used internally by our stakeholders of the E.F.A Family (Educators, Parents, Guardians, Students)to connect and interact with each other using smart and familiar features. We strongly believe organizations work better when everyone is on the same page o Strengthened our belief that organizations who take everyone together on the same page work better - this tool enables us to Talk (and listen) to our whole organization on a common platform

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